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ENHICA International, Inc was incorporated in April 1998 in the United States as a 501 (C) (3) non-profit Foundation. ENHICA is organized exclusively for charitable, medical, educational, public health and scientific purposes concerning ENvironment and Health In Communities of Africa. The linkage with the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Environmental Studies in 1999 activated and propelled a smooth path of development for the Organisation in the United States of America.


In September 2000, ENHICA Global's only chapter on the Continent of Africa was incorporated and inaugurated in Nigeria (West Africa) as an independent NGO. Thereafter collaboration with the University of Ilorin College of Medicine (including the West African Bioinfomatics Research Initiative - WABRI.ORG) evolved with ease because of common interests between the two educational institutions in the areas of Human Health concerns, Biomedical Sciences, Sustainability Science and Information Dissemination via Conferences, Newsletters and Journals.

These academic and applied research interests are now being extended to other African communities/cultures in other continents of the world particularly europeans, the south and north americans, and the oceanians.


The novel genomic and proteomic sciences will enable the partnership between ENHICA and and Klobex publishers to ensure the success of ENHICA global to focus on research activities and information dissemination which relate to African Studies On Population and Health (ASOPAH) in all the aforementioned African communities of the world.

ASOPAH will collaborate with various relevant national, international and global agencies in the world, in order to provide answers to contemporary issues such as:

  • Impact of Food on Human Health.
  • Phytomedicines.
  • Genetic Factors in Health and Disease.
Chairman Project Director
(Biosciences) / (CEO)
Project Director
(South America)
Project Director
( African Culture)
Project Director (Clinical Medicine)

Abi Bababunmi DSc
PIMRAT, College of Medicine
University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Clement Bewaji PhD
College of Medicine,
University of Ilorin,

Felix G. Reyes PhD
Professor of Food Sci.
and Toxicology,
University of Campinas,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Edith Eyo B.A.
Department of African Studies,
School of Oriental & African Studies
University of London,
London, UK

Tom Thacher M.D.
University of Jos Teaching Hospital
Jos, Nigeria

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